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That this program it is not a chain program or pyramid scheme. It is simply a proven Money-Maker Program which can be used instantly to rake in big money immediately. It will bring in cash daily, $25, $50, $75, $100, $125 or more come rain or shine.

The retail cost of this powerful Money Maker System is several hundreds dollars and could be higher within a very short period of time, but today it is yours, to begin using it for only $189.18. . Why so cheap? Is it because I like to follow good examples and I believe and I quote, YOU CAN HAVE ANYTHING YOU WANT, IF YOU WILL HELP ENOUGH PEOPLE GET WHAT THEY WANT. 
                                                                   Zig Ziglar

That there are more than 300 million people in this country and the vast majority of them are looking for ways to make money. Did you know that if one million of them sent you just $1.00 you'd be a millionaire? 

DID YOU KNOW? Opportunity is knocking, will you open the door? For only $189.18 how can you afford not to! You have the opportunity to make thousands of dollars with this powerful system. Send me your order today.

That nobody makes money selling only one products in mail order business. 
If you want to be successful in in this business, you have to add more offers or different products to your business. Choose products that appeal to you the most and products that do not appeal to you too, those products that do not appeal to you maybe are the ones that appeal to your customers, you never know. Pick out dealerships, M.L.M Programs reports with reprint and resale rights, information you can use to improve your business. It takes many different products to appeal to a wide variety of tastes. 

You can find all this and more in our system, The Circular Money Maker System is created using the concept of selling different products with the advantage of grouping these different products into the same system, "All Under One Roof". Now it is your turn to make some real mail order money. Send me your order today.

That beside the 25-Personalized Programs- (25 Circulars with your name and address imprinted), you will also receive, 4- Extra Personalized Circulars with your name and address imprinted to promote the 108 reports that you will receive within the system. This is a Special Bonus to help you make more money promoting your 108 reports.  

You will also receive ,4-Free Programs to help you  increase your profit. You will receive Free business promotion. In 2 of these 4 programs, you just paste your 1” or 2” ad in the spaces available. Others will do the same you get free circulation.  
You will also receive 1-Extra Personalized Circular with your name, ID number and your email address imprinted to refer people to the www.chicomoneymakingreports.com Website and make extra cash money every month. This is another Special Bonus.